• Do you want to get rid of roaches, trap more spiders, bedbugs, ants and other pests?

  • Happy Cornerz® is perfect for homes & businesses & offers you more options per trap:

5 in 1 - Option 2 - 3 Flat Sticky Traps
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  • The 5 images above show Options 1 -5 of our 5 - 1 Sticky Trap System. With each purchase you get access to all 5 unique Options inside this package of Happy Cornerz® Sticky Traps! Mix and match these traps, it's your choice!

  • Option 1: Use as 1 large flat glue trap like yo get any ordinary glue board. 

  • Option 2: Easily separate the large glue board into 3 separate glue traps for catching pests in various areas!

  • Option 3: Use the triangular glue trap from the 3 separate glue traps as the first ever Upper Corner Trap for any corner low or high to trap more spiders, roaches, ants, flies and other pests. Additionally with this option users have access to 2 extra flat traps.

  • Option 4: Easily fold the triangular glue trap together one tip at a time to create the world's first Sticky Pod Box Trap that can be mounted to floors, walls and even ceilings or to the underneath side of tables in homes or businesses to trap more creepy insects. Additionally, users have 2 extra flat traps when using this option.

  • Option 5: Fold the triangular glue trap into a unique hanging trap that can mount to any high area such as window seals or upper doorway entries to trap mosquitos, gnats, moths, flies and wasps. Additionally, users have 2 extra flat traps with this option as well.

  • You'll love not being limited to normal glue boards because you can now enjoy taking control of your glue trap and using it more safely and however you need to track and trap more pests.

  • Perfect for all common indoor insects, bugs and pest problems, even mice.

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