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  • Sticky traps are not as dangerous or inhumane as PETA boasts about because the fact is we will happily explain how to free critters such as mice from traps pain free.

  • If you find a mouse caught on a glue board all you need to do is slowly pour natural room temperature cooking oil along the sides of the mouse (or lizard, etc.) and within a few seconds the rodent or mouse will be freed since the oil acts as an emulsifier against the glue's sticky surface.

  • Glue traps are otherwise wonderful for roaches, spiders in your corners, flies, bed bugs, wasps and countless other insects and bugs that require pest extermination.

  • Don't be annoyed or upset get happy with Happy Cornerz sticky glue traps and get rid of roaches and other pests to have your home or business back to you!

  • Perfect pest control glue traps for mice

  • Best sticky traps for roaches pest control

  • Efficient costs to get rid of bed bugs with sticky traps

  • No need to worry about the cost glue traps to exterminate roach problems, simply include Happy Cornerz as the primary part of your integrated pest management.

  • Use as pest control business traps or for homes in any corner high or low.

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