Bulk 250-count pack of Happy Cornerz® 5 in 1 Glue Boards: The 360º Pest Trap System. This advanced pest control monitoring / trap system will provide you with the ability to monitor pests from low-to-high in any home or business. Now PMPs, PCOs and all Pest Control Company's can literally manage insects and pests from the floors to the ceilings.


*Excellent for mice, spiders, cockroaches, earwigs, beetles, flies, mosquitos, fleas, centipedes, scorpions and much more. Don't limit yourself to flat glue baords; get Happy Cornerz® 5 in 1 Pest Traps today and help your cusotmers control pests more effective with our ultra 24/7 pest monitor.


Note: Happy Cornerz® is a 5 in 1 Sticky Trap System offering 750 total glue traps per box of 250 glue boards. Each board separates into 3 traps. 


*Users can mix and match the 5 new product options per trap to control which product they want per glue board. This allows technicians to more professionally monitor and trap insects and pests in all homes and busineses.


For questions or how-to videos please contact Happy Cornerz, LLC at sales@stickytrap.com P: 1-800-370-TRAP x1

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