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  • Each 5-Pack contains 5 large flat glue boards. Each glue boards offers 5 new options to catch more pests in more places! Users can seperate each glue board into 15 total traps. Please visit our Official Company Home Page at to see the 5 New Options in our commerical / video. 


  • Each 5-Packs comes with How-To QR Codes on an instructional sheet providing users with easy to follow steps and how-to videos for the 5 In 1 Pest Trap™ - 5 In 1 Glue Trap™.


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5 In 1 Pest Trap™ 5-Ct w/Free Shipping

  • e:

    p: 1-800-370-TRAP (8727) x1

    Mon - Fri  8:00 am CST - 5 pm CST

    The 5 In 1 Pest Trap™ is a non-toxic and patented pest control product for DIY retail shoppers and professional pest control technicians.

    Distributors may purchase in bulk for large savings at

    To become a distributor or for licensing please email

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