Zap Ash™ is an insulated cigareete ash container with proper air flow technology that totally solves your problem of hot ashes falling onto your body, clothes or furniture when smoking! Lessen the mess, lessen the burns and lessen fires with Zap Ash!


Users simply light their smoke then insert the lite end of the cigarette (smokable item) into the Zap Ash™ container and you don't have to worry about body burns, couch burns, car seat burns or hunting down an ash tray indoors at the bar or even in your own home!


Zap Ash™ is perfect at preventing accidnetal cigarette fires in case you put your cigaratte down for a moment or two intending to come back to it. It's super safe and amazing to use as such a modern conveninece in smoking cigs! Get Zap Ash today!


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Zap Ash™ The Cigarette Trending Innovation!

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  • During COVID-19 pandemic, Zap Ash™ does not accept returns on this type of product dealing with direct contact and smoking. Thank you for understanding and we hope you're a lifelong user of Zap Ash!