Pest-Control Innovation!

This new 2-D glue trap forms a 3-D pest-monitoring & capturing space! The corner trap fits snug in almost any corner low or high in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms,

your garage, cabinets,

closets, pantries

and more!

  • Happy Cornerz sticky traps are glue traps that fit into corners high and low in any home or business to monitor and catch pests in order to get rid of roaches, flies, ants, bed bugs, especially spiders and appear stylish while being effective. You can mount these sticky traps in corners high or low in homes, businesses, schools, factories, warehouses and more to keep the bugs away!

   Mailboxes: millions of people know, insects, bugs and pests of many types enter mailboxes & either sting or bite or infest mail delivered to homes & businesses from inside the mailbox. We have U.S.P.S. supporters who have videos of wasps exiting out of mailboxes who've witnessed pests like those as well as spiders, ants & even mice that crawl up and enter into mailboxes and take refuge and hide.

   Mount Happy Cornerz corner traps into the back corner(s) and it will help monitor & trap pests without your physical mail ever getting stuck on the glue! It's a wonderful DIY solution for millions of people who would benefit from the Happy Cornerz Corner Traps.#pestcontrolinnovations

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