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Get rid of roaches. Monitor roach infestations, catch mice, kill bed bugs, trap ants and catch spiders with our new sticky trap / glue trap for pests. The #1 pest control trap for bugs are the Happy Cornerz sticky traps for mounting to low and high corners. Learn how to rid pests today! Use other solutions plus our Happy Cornerz traps and we're happy to say you're well on your way to controlling and removing pests in your home and business.#RoachTrap

Tony Bost Succeeds Happy Cornerz... An Inspiring Message of Day and Night Tenacity!

In the photo attached to this blog you'll notice the Founder and President and community claimed CEO of Happy Cornerz, LLC.

Let Us Share A Happy Hello With Everyone!

To all viewers in all four corners of the world, we aim to share a little bit of the background behind the creation of Happy Cornerz, LLC and the leader who made it happen. The image in this blog is an image of Tony Bost hard at work both night and day. Obviously, it's nighttime right now and particularly 4:00am in the morning to be more precise. Tony Bost drove from San Antonio, TX back to Paris, TX from a business meeting about the Corner Insect Trap, just in time to meet his mother on her break from where she was working at the local Wal-Mart. Tony Bost has had the goal for years to retire his mother on behalf of all the hard work and love she has provided for their family over the years. Tony Bost is relentless and as you can see here you'll witness the seriousness and tiredness that's literally changed the way Bost looks. However, that doesn't faze him and he is happy pushing day and night to secure the future of a lifetime at a young age. At the time, Tony Bost was 21 years old. Often Bost would quote how the day and night hustle didn't bother him (only getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep per night if that) because he was endlessly focused and motivated to prosper from Happy Cornerz from day one! Bost is certainly a leader of tenacity and zero excuses to make a dream come true against all odds.

In the beginning, his invention wasn't known as Happy Cornerz. It all started with the tradename known as the Super Spider Korner Killer (S.S.K.K.) which attracted tons of attention by the locals in movies he would film while presenting the Corner Insect Trap with public supporters. As the product became more and more popular, Bost decided to change the name to something more professional to catch the attention of industry leaders. In early January of 2016, Tony Bost renamed the product to become known as the Innovative Corner Insect Controller (I.C.I.C.) and began the marketing process of this name. Even after people began to favor the name and take a deeper interest in the product Bost still faced challenges. Bost would spend his nights researching pest-control leaders and their contact info and then cold calling them the following day (often without any serious response) enduring endless objections in reply to his strenuous efforts to sell the patent (Intellectual Property) rights to another large company. As soon as he mentioned the name, Innovative Corner Insect Controller, the secretary, GM or VP would interrupt him and simply say they weren't interested long before they discovered what the Corner Insect Trap even was. It was depressing news, but equally as motivating.

As time went by and Bost fell short of funds to keep the product going financially so he outsourced equity deals with many individuals. As he strived to keep up with helping his family and managing a day to day financial balance required by the typical circumstances of life, Bost finally partnered with an Ohio based Company to assist in marketing the product. In the process of having to rebuild his financial circumstance and he renamed the product to the amazing name his Company is today; Happy Cornerz! After eight more months continuing his day and night process of creating ADs and even re-patenting the Corner Insect Trap from the previous year in 2016, it was now 2017 and Bost has generated the interest of industry leaders worldwide for future partnerships with Happy Cornerz. Happy Cornerz was formed into an official Company also named Happy Cornerz, LLC for the pure purpose of spreading happiness in all four corners of the world as well as a pest-control solution that could also serve all corners of the world. That's when Bost sloganized the Company with a global impact by saying this: "Serving All Four Corners of The World," which became the Company's Slogan. It was renaming the product that inspired Tony Bost to market the product in an entirely new way.

The product works. The product is new. The product is the world's only glue trap specifically designed for corners. The product has caught thousands of insects and pests and it all came down to a simple shift in branding and marketing that changed it all. Therefore, Tony Bost reinvented the wheel with his very own product multiple times which was already new based on reinventing sticky traps all together. Bost easily contributed the efforts of 7 people working together even for the many days he was alone in the process. Bost has now found dedicated partners, attorneys and cheerful promoters to engage in partnering with top industry leaders and taking Happy Cornerz worldwide! We're happy to sponsor our friend and leader in this blog and we hope the world sees the compassion Bost has behind helping others and creating an example of persistence towards the advantage of other people's success. Bost would often state that it's not about the pain of the present, but it's about the prize of our future that can allow us to experience freedom forever, together. He would say that it’s about doing what it takes to enable oneself to be powerful enough to do good things for others and benefit the world with or without the world’s help.

We appreciate you for reading about the pioneering spirit of Tony Bost and the background of Happy Cornerz, LLC. A big thanks from us to you here at the Happy Cornerz, LLC! Feel free to join us and explore our fun website anytime at

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