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Get rid of roaches. Monitor roach infestations, catch mice, kill bed bugs, trap ants and catch spiders with our new sticky trap / glue trap for pests. The #1 pest control trap for bugs are the Happy Cornerz sticky traps for mounting to low and high corners. Learn how to rid pests today! Use other solutions plus our Happy Cornerz traps and we're happy to say you're well on your way to controlling and removing pests in your home and business.#RoachTrap

Get Rid of Roaches | Glue Traps

3 Corner Sticky Traps in the upper right corners of the cabinet in this photo to see the Happy Cornerz pest control traps in action!

Hey everyone! I don't know about you, but I can't stand the sight of a roach crawling on the floor or my counter tops. I used to ignore them, but you know what that leads to....

In the image above you'll see 3 Happy Cornerz sticky traps in the upper right corners of the cabinet in this photo to see the Happy Cornerz pest control traps in action! I've gone through every kind of different product trying to get rid of pests, especially roaches but I don't favor spray products of pesticide chemicals...

I don't like spraying in my home because I don't want my family or items to be exposed to chemicals designed to kill. Fortunatelym I have finally found my insect trap addiction for getting rid of cockroaches! It's called Happy Cornerz Insect Trap.

I noticed that the roaches would congregate in corners, either in my cabinets or the corner recesses of my kitchen and bathroom. After all, we've all seen spiders in corners! I've tried many sticky traps, but none were made to effectively mount in the upper corners where I found most of the roaches hiding in my kitchen cabinets. You could place a typical glue board in the lower corner, but it took up valuable shelf space and other items got stuck on it and it was in the way. Even the best roach bait, mouse bait, roach repellant or mouse repellent is not something I want laying on the surface of my cabinet. So what is the best way to kill roaches, mice or other insects?

With Happy Cornerz, I could place it in the upper corners, away from my dishes and items I normally place on a shelf. No other pest control trap has that ability! It is inconspicuous with cool designs and catches mice which I noticed even when I was targeting roaches. Even though other glue traps work such as Tomcat, Victor or Catchmaster glue boards, I found the corner trap works with the least intrusion in my valuable space. Plus, you wind up with glue traps that offer great designs and hide the pests 100%.

Let's face it, do we ever have enough cabinet space?

I know I don't! Why would I want to share my space with roaches or ordinary roach traps along with my dishes and food! Well now it's not a necessary hassle and to me it's news worth sharing!

So, if your wanting the best roach trap that has the benefits of being a sticky trap or glue trap that is able to get out of the way, then look no further than the

The pests will enter the hole in the center of the trap and that's that!

You'll enjoy owning this product, it's been amazing for me! Even when my pest control problems aren't bad I still use these cool traps for monitoring pests.This trap can go into so many corners throughout my home plus I know no one's going to step in it or get something stuck to it so it helps just having it in action for when bugs and mice decide to enter my home. I live in Brazil and cockroaches are huge here but they're a problem in most places of the world.

Thanks for reading & share this post to help this news get to others in need! :)

- Victor Henrique,

Salvador Brazil


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