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Get rid of roaches. Monitor roach infestations, catch mice, kill bed bugs, trap ants and catch spiders with our new sticky trap / glue trap for pests. The #1 pest control trap for bugs are the Happy Cornerz sticky traps for mounting to low and high corners. Learn how to rid pests today! Use other solutions plus our Happy Cornerz traps and we're happy to say you're well on your way to controlling and removing pests in your home and business.#RoachTrap

Sticky Traps for Roaches | DIY Mouse Traps 2017

Many people are asking for roach traps.

So which sticky traps work for roaches?

Hey there! 2017 is ending but we're here to share the news flash about this year's popular corner traps that have helped people more than all other pest monitoring systems. Welcome to our blog where the world's greatest glue trap inventor hosts the innovation of a lifetime in the pest control industry. The team here @ Happy Cornerz is proud to present you with this super compelling way of viewing sticky traps from here on out! Enjoy the blog and be sure to check out all our other blogs as we happily contribute free content for all readers on a daily basis.

Today we're going to demonstrate the world's best glue trap and how other pest and rodent traps may not be as effective. When you're seraching for sticky traps that work you need to know all of your options to do it yourself as a DIY solution worth your money. The best sticky trap needs to be one that can help in multiple ways in multiple places and have that exclusive factor that other pest control traps simply don't offer us.

Witness this hilarious GIF proving how mice don't get trapped by spring based mouse traps they just workout with them instead! Seriously they're getting smarter! It's enlightening right? This mouse is going to get buff and turn into a rat sized mouse all because the user didn't know Happy Cornerz is the way to go!

All rodent glue traps, rodent glue boards and even sticky traps will capture mice and rodents but they aren't able to capture things directly in corners where even mice among all the world's insects and pests love to hide. When we say corners, we're talking about corners high and low and especially those upper corners where many pests congregate thinking we won't notice them. Insects and mice traps (glue boards and boxes) aim at capturing pests along wall edges, out in the open and near other crevices where pests may be traveling. The reason for that is because insects and pests are proven to follow edges, hide in corners, seek crevices and hiding spots of any sort for that matter. That's why we have found a #1 glue trap for everyone to use and experience > Happy Cornerz

The sticky trap for corners via Happy Cornerz because this is a very unique trap that catches both insects and (small rodents) mice. Aside from the sleek, cool and beautiful designs on every trap you would be able to point the Happy Cornerz trap out among the thousands of other traps in existence. That's because the corner trap via Happy Cornerz is the only glue trap of it's kind!

Some of us focus on specific topics such as:

Truly this list could go on and on...

The valuable fact is that Happy Cornerz will monitor for everything except rats (unless they're babies of course) and then the corner traps would catch them too! To validate the benefit of Happy Cornerz is to clarify that this trap monitors in upper corners ... as a bonus area where many pesky pests linger. It's because of this that Happy Cornerz is #1 for the added benefit of corner control and you can always toss the trap onto floors like other glue traps which wouldn't be suggested by us since corners are where the pests thrive.

<img src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap in a corner for catching pests">  @stickytraps happy cornerz

You'll read articles talking about the pains of Glue Traps for mice & rodents or the negativity of sticky traps and glue boards by activists such as PETA, but please don't become easily discouraged. Happy Cornerz shows you exactly how to safely and harmlessly free mice from the corner traps. Vegetable oils or baby oils work perfectly to remove the mouse without any harm and that's why the Happy Cornerz product deserves to be marketed because it's safer than other traps and offers users a new advantage at monitoring and capturing pests!

Therefore, are glue traps, sticky traps or glue boards cruel or bad? No, as long as you take care of business and do the right thing with the free advice of safely helping the mouse or lizzard. The answer is yes only if you neglect to do anything about the situation. We vote for helping the mice and then releasing them far away from your home outdoors or give them away to your crazy neighbors as a pet. That second option may not work so easily but it's worth a try!

So now that you've learned the difference between an ordinary glue trap and Happy Cornerz traps let us help you kill roaches, get rid of mice, stop spiders, catch ants and resolve infestations with the very simple and stylish Happy Cornerz DIY traps. It's a Do It Yourself trap so you can save money and solve the problem at your own pace. Our corner traps and just cool to see and visitors in your home or business won't even know they're for controlling pests. You can apply the corner traps without the use of a costly exterminator. Some exterminators even use and apply the Happy Cornerz traps because they know their customers will want them over ordinary glue boards, but the DIY pest control route is always your option @

So, the big question is...

Where do I buy the best glue traps?

<img src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap in a corner for catching pests"> @stickytraps


Call Toll Free: 1-800-370-TRAP

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Thank you for helping share great invention with everyone else who it can help! Let's help you corner those pests with the Happy Cornerz trap today!

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