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Get rid of roaches. Monitor roach infestations, catch mice, kill bed bugs, trap ants and catch spiders with our new sticky trap / glue trap for pests. The #1 pest control trap for bugs are the Happy Cornerz sticky traps for mounting to low and high corners. Learn how to rid pests today! Use other solutions plus our Happy Cornerz traps and we're happy to say you're well on your way to controlling and removing pests in your home and business.#RoachTrap

"How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs" | DIY Today

A Great Blog About Bad Bed Bugs:

Here's a GIF of bed bugs and below the GIF is


In the image below 2 small bed bugs entered this triangular sticky trap for corners AKA Happy Cornerz.

<img  data-cke-saved-src="stickytraps.jpg" src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap with bugs stuck to it">
<img  data-cke-saved-src="bedbugtrap.jpg" src="bedbugtrap.jpg" alt="bed bug trap with bugs stuck to it">

In addition, many other others pests were caught on this same trap during a two week trial inside a residential garage lower corner. The garage was being used as a storage space. The home was infested with bed bugs and the couple began moving items to the garage from their bedroom to try and get the bed bugs to leave after leaving their garage open when they were at home.

This wound up letting even more insects into their garage and didn't help get rid of bed bugs because the eggs hatched inside their bedroom which later led to more of a problem than anticipated.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are classified as parasitic insects. They're dangerous, abundant in many countries and are a big problem in the United States right now (2017) entering year 2018. These pests come from the cimicid family and are known to feed on blood as their number one source of survival. Common bed bugs prefer to eat human blood while certain species of bed bugs prefer animals. Bed bugs are known to seek warm houses and areas and since humans spend close to a third of their life in bed they tend to find habitat near or inside beds and the bedding sheets or other areas where people sleep.

Bed bugs are active at night when it's most difficult to spot them, but as nocturnal as they are they still travel and feed during the day.They bad part about this pest is that they can often get by with feeding on their host without their host noticing when it happens; especially when you're sleeping.

Suggested Solution:

That's why your corners need to be protected! Corners attract insects and pests of all types to hide and find shelter and habitat in any area (especially corners) where it's darker and an intersection of walls where pests can feel remote and private. Bed bugs will innately cluster in corners when they roam around a room. Corners inside drawers are also a smart place to apply the Happy Cornerz corner traps.

For example:

In the back left and back right corners of the drawer below you'll see two corner traps mounted and ready for action! These unique glue traps can be placed into drawers like so becuase they do not interfere with the clothes, garments or other items within the drawer.

It's wonderful to be this prepared to catch pests at any given time while using such stylish and savvy glue traps such as the one and only multi-patented Happy Cornerz Corner insect Trap! As you'll see in the image above there's a unique sticky pattern which allows pests to enter the trap without clustering at the entry point. We've got the science of the product figured out and all you have to do is let Happy Cornerz help you stay better protected.

The two designs of the corner traps shown below are a prime example of how cool the Happy Cornerz are when it comes to being incognito and diverse enough to blend with almost all environments. The idea is to not let visitors know you're trying to control pests and discretely utilize the Happy Cornerz sticky traps to take care of business and lessen your worries.

<img  data-cke-saved-src="bedbugs.jpg" src="gluetrap.jpg" alt="bed bug trap with bugs stuck to it">

Here's another example of the corner traps being used in drawers:

<img  data-cke-saved-src="bedbugs.jpg" src="gluetrap.jpg" alt="bed bug trap with bugs stuck to it">

For an easy way of pointing out how insects and pests would enter the Happy Cornerz trap we're literally going to point it out in the following photo:

sticky traps<img  data-cke-saved-src="stickytraps.jpg" src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap with bugs stuck to it">

The Happy Cornerz trap is very simple yet super effective. As you can see, the bed bugs and / or others pests would seek out a private place to congregate and upon entering the dark hole of corner trap they'd quickly find themselves stuck to the back side. The application of the corner traps being mounted to lower closet corners, upper bedroom corners and drawer corners has helped countless users defeat the pests in their homes. This is specially true when infestations of bed bugs roaches, mice, or ants are the circumstance.

The benefit of a trap in various corners is that pests have long been proven to hide in corners for many reasons. This glue trap was invented to be safer for users and their audience of children of pets and provide a unique experience of pest control even for the mere purpose of monitoring for pests versus capturing pests. Monitoring is the #1 pest control technique and strategy that most people ignore which leads to a more costly and insect saturated environment.

We hope you learned the basics about bed bugs and if you decide to use glue boards just remember that the difference is that our sticky trap will serve you in all corners, even upper corners, with neat designs and the benefit of being safer while in disguise.

Bed bug eggs can usually be neutralized with natural sprays that saturate areas where the eggs may not be seen. The sprays can soak into fabrics of mattresses and prevent dangerous bedbug eggs from hatching. We would happily recommend a natural spray but to get rid of bed bugs for good you should try applying Happy Cornerz to the corners of your bedrooms, closets, bathrooms and drawers for an extra advantage while using any other applications of chemical solutions.

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