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Tom Cats versus Sticky Traps, Mouse Glue Traps, DIY

Surprise! There's a mouse in a corner and you won't be needing a tom cat for this job. For us it's no surprise to a mouse in a corner since we spent years confirming pests love corners, especially mice. Before the lights were switched on this mouse was happy hiding in the corner and that's why Happy Cornerz is going to show you how to deal with mice

like a pro!


Mouse traps (corner glue traps for mice) are sticky traps far catching a fast running mouse is always effective than using a tom cat. At least our Happy Cornerz sticky trap solution for you won't give you any sudden allergies like a cat might. Let's solve your mouse problems and let's catch mice at the source of where mice congregate.

Mice are known to seek shelter and habitat in secluded areas which means they're are likely to enter corners of rooms for safety. A mouse will hide in a corner on it's own but when you put a Happy Cornerz Glue Trap for Corners directly into the corner first you have now given the mouse a better reason to go into that corner.

Happy Cornerz Traps are based on a simple technology of applying years of research and compounding it into a savvy product tailored to corners to capture mice on your behalf. You'll find a corner to apply one of our corner traps into and fit the trap flush into that corner for an incognito appeal while the neat designs of our traps help it blend more fashionably that any glue trap in history.

Let's look at the example below:

You're seeing the the #1 trend and solution for mice in corners in your home or business. This unique glue trap can be mounted flush into almost any corner high or low; like that which can be seen in this image of a lower corner. Mice will enter through the hole and consider the inside area a cozy little home for them to dwell in.

That's where we win!

Mice can be lured, you can use baits and you can even become a mouse whisperer but the best solution is to target any area where insects and pests and proven to seek shelter in and then apply a sleep product like Happy Cornerz to solve the mouse problem before they reproduce.

Mice have a very unique way of sniffing out the trails ahead of them before taking off in any one direction so feel free to bait the corner trap but it's not necessary since our glue trap creates a reliable habitat for the mouse to hide in all on its own. The better mouse trap has truly been invented. Happy Cornerz traps were originally designed to mount flush into upper corners and we soon picked up on the diversity of capturing pests in all corners high and low.

One good point we'd like to point out is that we encourage you as animal lovers to use a room temperature vegetable oil to help remove the mouse (mice) or even lizzards from the corner trap without harming a hair on their body. The vegetable oils will act as an emulsifier and seep into the glue underneath the mouse and allow the mouse to easily wiggle free.

The Happy Cornerz Traps come in package of 10 with the mounting tabs pre-assembled on each corner trap so you're ready for action the moment you recieve your bundle of Happy Cornerz sticky traps. Find a corner, find 20 corners, 40 and more and we'll help you monitor for those pests like they don't have a chance! We happily invented a true revolution in the glue trap industry and we're happy to help you get rid of mice the moment you place an order.

Tune in to the rest of our blogs and thanks for sharing, subscribing and liking our posts! We want everyone to be aware of the safer, affordable, adaptable and effective solution we offer for those who face the adversity of mice and other insects and pests. Therefore, there's no need for a tom cat chasing around mice when sometimes (even while you're sleeping) those mice may be lurking in your corners, but with Happy Cornerz you'll be victorious. It's enough of a challenge dealing with mice or other bugs and your business but when it becomes personal in your own home you think twice and we thank you for thinking about Happy Cornerz.

Happy Holidays This Thanksgiving 2017!

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