Get rid of roaches. Monitor roach infestations, catch mice, kill bed bugs, trap ants and catch spiders with our new sticky trap / glue trap for pests. The #1 pest control trap for bugs are the Happy Cornerz sticky traps for mounting to low and high corners. Learn how to rid pests today! Use other solutions plus our Happy Cornerz traps and we're happy to say you're well on your way to controlling and removing pests in your home and business.#RoachTrap

How to get rid of roaches Fast, DIY

     Cockroaches Can Be Controlled, Removed and Killed


     Hello everyone! Roaches are the topic today and we're going to discuss the possibilities on how to rid them. It's important to point out that we have crafted this blog with great content and a fairly lengthy forum of roach solving strategies; including the newest invention for killing roaches called Happy Cornerz!


     To launch this blog in with strong evidence of the results we want you to have let's take a peak at the cockroach filled glue trap for corners below here. Warning: The image is graphic with true results so unless you don't want to see cockroaches stuck to the Happy Cornerz trap then skip past the image real quick and on to the next paragraphs. However, we'd love for you to bare with us and witness an example of our happy results. When you see a red image appear feel free to see the proof or simply continue reading.


     There are millions of pest control blogs and many of them refer to roach control and removal. Here at Happy Cornerz we agree that professional help is a good way to get rid of roaches, but for everyone who wants to solve the problem asap on a budget and do it the right way can start with the sticky traps for corners.


     With interest in getting rid of roaches naturally it’s basically like mother-nature versus glue traps whereas if you want the best ways to get rid of and kill cockroaches without worries then you’ve come to the right corner of the internet. Roach killer treatments don’t need to be costly and you can now have control over corners where it’s proven that cockroaches enter when on the hunt for food and water or shelter. It’s late 2017 but we’re happy to say it’s never too late to get started with Happy Cornerz.



     Below you will see three corner insect traps AKA Happy Cornerz mounted in the bacj right upper corners of a single cabinet. Cabinets become infested roaches quite often. Ordinary glue boards and glue traps can get other items stuck on them as they lay flat on the shelf surface of the cabinet unlike Happy Cornerz which is 100% proven to not get any other items stuck on the trap unless directly misused. The Happy Cornerz trap does what the other traps cannot do because this sticky trap monitors and captures the cockroaches that congregate in the upper corners (very commonly) and awaits the roaches to enter the hole of the trap to become stuck on the backside.


     As you will notice, the Happy Conrerz traps almost blend in perfectly with the theme of the cabinets with is a direct results of our efforts to create a patented design well worth your money. You can fit a Happy Cornerz trap into any of these cabinet corners whereas tpyical glue boards simply take up shelf space and do nothing to catch or monitor for pests in the upper corners of cabinets. Check these traps frequently if your roach issuse are bad because cabinets contain food (something water or fluids) and scents which will attract the roaches similar to bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.


      The corner traps come in variety packs of many differnet designs to blend in with your environment so that your visitors don't even know you're trying to control pests; especially roaches! Give yourself a chance to stop those pesky bugs and use the corner traps by Happy Cornerz to track down the roaches in the hot spot where they hide most often. This sticky traps gives you the chance to that no other trap can offer and we're proud to recommend all options to rid roaches from your home or business but please consider that new DIY solutions like Happy Cornerz are a rare find and can really help prevent, monitor and capture the roaches that find shelter in your corners. Don't let that happen because they will eventually make a trip to the corners high and low of your environment and you'll be happy having this particular glue trap in place and ready to kill all roach invaders!


     See the image below of an example of Happy Cornerz traps in the upper right corners of this cabinet happily guarding against cockroaches and others pests:



      These glue traps are revolutionary and growing in popularity for consumers worldwide. Here are a few reasons why these traps are the best glue traps for you to start catching roaches:


     6 Main Glue Trap Differences



     1. Functionality / Capability


     Other glue boards and sticky traps aren't seemlessly capable of mounting and remaining mounted to upper or lower corners. This is a trending innovation because upper corners are a hot spot for roaches to congregate in. The Happy Cornerz trap mounts to the upper corners of environments in the same way it mounts to lower corners. Rotate the trap upside down depending on the corner you're applying the trap to which you'll notice in more of the images below. The corners are where pests are tempted to enter so the functionality of this trap is supreme compared to others.


     2. Multi-Purpose 


     You can remove the Happy Cornerz corner trap from a corner and place it on the floor similar to all other glue boards and pest traps (which we don't recommend) because it's multi-purpose but the goal is to provide you with a safer product that isn't exposed to your family, vistors or pets.


     3. Fashionability and Style / Incognito Effect


     You can have zero shame with this trap because Happy Cornerz is offered in a variety pack of up to date designs and beautiful artwork which is all a part of this patented technology! We went the extra ...10 miles... to ensure you'd have the greatest glue trap of all time to stop those roaches. Therefore, when your visitors arrive they won't even know you're trying to capture pests because these traps will simply look like stylish TV cameras off in the corners; and that's if they even notice them at all. As you can see the Happy Cornerz traps in the image above blends perfectly with the cabinets interior design for an incognito effect.


     4. Prevention Against Unwanted Items Entering The Corner Trap


     As mentioned earlier in this article, the next perk for you pertaining to this new trapping device is that contrary to ordinary glue boards being placed in cabinets and other areas of a room you will never have the issue of unwanted items becoming stuck on the glue trap. That’s a dramatic upside about Happy Cornerz because just by laying a glue board or box on the shelf surface of a cabinet may capture some of the pests but it certainly doesn’t protect against other lose items accidentally being shoved on the glue area of the traps.


     4.5 For The First Time Ever You Can Capture Pests In Upper Corners


     On the same note we’ll go back to one of the original benefits of Happy Cornerz which is that while you run the risk of items getting stuck on the trap with other glue traps you also won’t monitor or capture any of the cockroaches entering the upper corners of your cabinets. That creates an ongoing problem for you; a problem Happy Cornerz will solve. Therefore, with the new sticky for corners we will 100% guarantee that lose items will not get stuck to the corner traps. If items do manage to enter through the hole area they must somehow become magical and try to exit the trap in which case (this wouldn’t happen) and only then would the item touch the glue area which is slanted at an angle like the angled corner trap you see in the picture above.


     5. The Benefit of Bait Being Applied In Upper Corners


     The Happy Cornerz trap can also be baited for roaches and others pests at your desire to do so. The wowing benefit and exclusive reason we point this out compared to other glue traps is for the simple fact that by applying peanut butter or cheese to the corner-sticky traps clear (non glue) center area on the backside you will now be capable of keeping baits in upper corners which has never been an option for you or anyone in history! We’re actually fascinated every time we blog and write an article or video the product in action because it proves how very significantly different and effective this trap is for capturing the bugs, insects and other pests you can't stand to tolerate.


     6. TV Camera Bonus / Security Camera Appearance


     Last, but not least, we should point out that by placing the corner trap upper corners you’ll get the added benefit of this trap appearing like a TV Camera. Now that's a legit pest control trap! We mentioned that earlier but we wanted to ensure the positive advantage since we actually offer a trap in our variety pack of 10 glue traps directly targeted for warding off burglars and thieves! Check out the exact product in the image below:

     Wow Right! 


     The Happy Cornerz trap will remain mounted flush in the corner as shown in the image above for up to three months at a time but it's better to check the traps once per month. With a  heavy cockroach infestation or even mere signs of it being necessary please check the traps on a daily basis since raoches may very well enter the trap overnight. Moany people have prblems with roaches in their cabinets, in their kitchen, inside drawers and bathrooms. This is primarily because these areas serve roaches with soruces of food, water and smells (scents) which are the perfect trio that roaches crave! In the lower corners of a room you normally have four corners and the same goes for the upper corners. However, the number of corners increase as you open doors to cabinets, drawers and pantries which open up another opportunity for you to mount these highly effective traps into all surrounding corners and let Happy Cornerz stop the roaches in your home or business so can sleep better.


     They say don't let the bed bugs bite, but when roaches are the problem there are rational DIY solutions that can give you relief with “roaches biting” instead of the bed bugs. It’s a priority that you repetitively clean your home and work space for prevention of roaches in the first place. There is a chance you have water leaks which are encouraging the roaches to stick around. The cure often starts with prevention. Many homes and even business structures have cracks, openings and holes where cockroaches sneak in without you noticing. The professional actions to get rid of roaches is always what you can afford versus how bad your situation really is which may lead you to buying toxic chemical sprays to bankrupting yourself by paying expert services. In the end it’s your choice, but we wanted to educate you on the very new and very neat Happy Cornerz glue trap since we have recorded thousands of cockroaches being trapped using this device.


      Refer back to the image of superior results located at the top of this blog which is dedicated for your personal encouragement to try Happy Cornerz for yourself. This sticky trap shown at the top is modestly laced with cockroaches came from a moderately infested residency and prior to using the corner traps the couple had used many glue boards which they happily used in combination with the corner traps. Whatever solution truly works for you is what we suggest and that’s what we want. We do want to give you the best in service with our unique traps and see that you come back because your results were beyond pleasing.



     This trap is so smart that we feel like it should have been created decades ago, but Happy Cornerz leads the world of corner pest control with the patented data applied to this very helpful glue trap. As you can see, this sticky trap is a 2D product which creates a 3D space when applied to corners for capturing roaches and other pests in your proximity. We hope you've enjoyed our blog and please subscribe to Happy Cornerz, share this news with others to also help them solve thier roach problems. Let's keep the Happy Cornerz trend alive!



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   Thank you for reading and we hope you've learned helpful DIY techniques and how Happy Cornerz is the DIY solution here to stop roaches asap! Have a happy Thanksgiving and best to everyone wrapping up year 2017 and let's have an amazing 2018!


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