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Get rid of roaches. Monitor roach infestations, catch mice, kill bed bugs, trap ants and catch spiders with our new sticky trap / glue trap for pests. The #1 pest control trap for bugs are the Happy Cornerz sticky traps for mounting to low and high corners. Learn how to rid pests today! Use other solutions plus our Happy Cornerz traps and we're happy to say you're well on your way to controlling and removing pests in your home and business.#RoachTrap

@Stickytraps What are sticky traps? DIY

What are sticky traps?

Sticky traps: Sticky traps are devices and systems made of paper materials and glue (sticky) substances for monitoring and capturing (eliminating and killing) pests such as roaches, mice, spiders, ants, wasps, beetles, moths, scorpions, snakes and more.

Twitter @Stickytraps (or type in stickytraps when logged into Twitter) and you'll have an entertaining time reading about all of our hot topics on controlling roaches, infestations and catching mice as well as all other unwanted pests in your home or business. To be personal about it we want to show you many images of both our new invention for pests + images of our pest control trap with many bugs, insects and pests stuck to them! You'll love it as long as you can bare with us. We like to keep things lively...except for pests.

Getting rid of roaches is normally a huge reason why people need or want sticky traps. People are always curious on what works best and why? The reason Happy Cornerz sticky traps work the best is because they are multi-purpose and function in your corners (lower corners and upper corners) of any room or environment to capture and get rid of roaches or Any pest for that matter. Snake traps are usually much larger as well as rat glue traps but Happy Cornerz is designed to capture small rodents such as mice (a mouse) when it comes to rodents. Rats are much larger in size.

The Happy Cornerz trap is a 2 dimensional (2D) equilateral triangle with a hole in the center of it. You remove the protective film from the back of the sticky trap and locate a corner high or low (as many corners as possible) and mount the trap flush into the corner. The trap comes equipped with three safe-wall mounting tabs already manufactured on the trap so that your DIY solution is ready to go! The trap will fit flush in 90% of all corners on Earth. This is because the corner trap is designed with 60 degree angles allowing it to pair perfectly with the 90 degree angles of where walls meet the floor and ceilings. This same concept applies for shelves such as books shelves where mice and roaches may travel as well as kitchen cabintes or sink cabinets where cockroaches, mice and ants often raid. The corners of cabinets (both lower and upper corners) are a perfect hot spot for applying the corner traps.

<img src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap in a corner for catching pests">  @stickytraps #gluetraps

Summary of How to Use Happy Cornerz Sticky Traps?

You will gently press the tips of the triangular trap against the edges that each tip lines up with in a corner. By lining up the three tips of the triangle with the three edges is how you'll align the trap flush with any corner. Pressing the tips will help temporarily adhere the glue trap to the corner safely and secure. The mounting tabs are safe for your walls in order to not harm or hurt wall paint or wall paper. You can bait the corner traps with peanut butter, olives or even your own homemade bait that you'd prefer to use. We always suggest using non-toxic baiting techniques for pests because this is safer for your family and pets.

The bait should be applied to the center strip area of the backside of the Happy Cornerz trap so that the bait avoids contact with the glue / sticky area of the trap. Some baits may interfere with the effectiveness of the glue trap. Once you'd removed the film and pressed the corner trap into a corner you are done!

<img src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap in a corner for catching pests">  @stickytraps #gluetraps

<img src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap in a corner for catching pests">  @stickytraps #gluetraps

Monitoring Happy Cornerz Sticky Traps:

You'll want to check each of the corner traps on a daily basis if you have a bad roach infestation, mouse problem or even moderate to bad pest issue. If you are just using the corner traps for monitoring purposes or eliminating small amounts of pests then it's still advised that you check the traps weekly. Cockroaches and ants can raid a home or business overnight. It's like the one thing that does happen overnight in life; a pest invasion!

Quick Tip on The Proper Handling of Sticky Traps:

The easy way to handle sticky traps is by avoiding the glue trap meaning try not to touch or come into contact with the sticky traps glue surface. Fortunately, like with mice or lizzards stuck on the glue traps you can simply remove them and your own clothes or hands, feets (etc) from the trap by applying vegetable oils or baby oil to the area. The oils will act as emulsifiers and seep into the glue while moistening the glue area almost immediately allowing you to remove yourself or a pest from the traps.

<img src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap in a corner for catching pests">  @stickytraps #gluetraps

How to Remove and Dispose of Sticky Traps? | Happy Cornerz Sticky Traps

To remove the Happy Cornerz sticky traps you are advised to peel away the triangular trap by grabbing any tip of the triangle and removing the trap slowly. The other two tips of the triangle will remove accordingly as you slowly pull the trap away from the corner. When the trap has been removed feel free to examine the trap for pests stuck to it and record your notes prior to disposing of the trap. Proper disposal of all sticky traps includes using a zip lock plastic bag for placing the pest filled trap into. Zip the plastic bag ensuring that the sticky trap is fully enclosed and then throw away the trap / bag into a garbage can or trash bad that is not going to sit for a long period of time. The garge bag or can that you place the trap into needs to be near-ready for dumping or being picked up by a trash truck because rare and unlikely diseases can form and ferment the longer the glue traps lingers with insects and pests stuck to it.

Reusing Sticky Traps:

It is commonly advised to not resuse a sticky trap, glue trap or glue board. The term "reuse" is a bit far fetched however since moving a sticky trap around during the timeframe or cycle it's in use isn't technically "reusing" the trap. Reusing a sticky trap would more so be the act of capturing many insects and pests, monitoring the trap and taking notice of the pests and then re-applying the trap to an area for capturing more pests with or without removing the pevious pests.

In the situation of using Happy Cornerz sticky traps we highly encourage the testing of various corners with the same trap as long as the trap isn't covered or laced with pests already. The goal is to monitor as many corners as possible and generally there are near 75 corners in just a small apartment. Corners are found in many places throughout living environments and businesses so it's important to stock up on enough corner traps to suit your purpose and needs.

In conclusion, can you properly remove Happy Cornerz traps from a corner to be applied to another corner? Yes it is possible with the right steps taken. Here is an image of the corner trap in an upper corner prepared to capture any pest that enters the trap's center hole!

<img  data-cke-saved-src="stickytraps.jpg" src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap in a corner for catching pests">  @stickytraps #gluetraps

The Happy Cornerz traps comes in many cool, trendy and up to date designs to be aesthetically appealing to the audience that sees the traps. Fortunately, most audiences and visitors never notive our pest control traps because they blend so well in corners, and if anything they look stylish and people congratulate you for keeping up with inspiring trends. This sticky trap is certainly news for anyone in the pest control indsutry and for every consumer / person in the world since Happy Cornerz began promoting this new sticky trap for pests only two years ago. Currently it's late 2017 and we're headed in to a great year of 2018 when we expect to serve millions upon millions of people by monitoring and capturing tens of millions of insects and pests across the world.

It's highly beneficial to avoid most glue boards if you have a family or pets indoors. The reason is simply because harm can come because of these glue traps whereas with Happy Cornerz can be comforted knowing the safety measures are increased and effectively worthwhile when using the corner traps.

We hope you've enjoyed this article and learning about what sticky traps are and how they work. The next topics included in this article are links to our other blogs which contain valuable information about how to use the Happy Cornerz Corner Traps get rid of roaches, catch and eliminate mice, stop ant invasions (since ants often travel edges which lead to corners) and much more! You can even apply the corner traps to the upper corners right outside your doorway where wasps are known to build their nests in these corners. What a great way to start off using the corner traps to control red wasps when you're trying to unlock your door and enter without getting stung!

One more fascinating way (area) to use the sticky corner traps is in mailboxes. Users from every city are calling and thanking Happy Cornerz, LLC for our dedicated mission in giving people a useful glue trap that can be used inside mailboxes to capture the black widows, wasps, roaches, fire ants and more that often enter mailboxes. The corner trap can easily be mounted to the inner back right or left corners (or both sides) of the inside of a mailbox to monitor for pests. You may be wondering, will my mail get stuck to the sticky trap? The answer is no! It sure won't, and all thanks to the fact that the glue / sticky surface of our trap is never facing outwards to any audience! That's amazing right? We love it! This offers the extra safety perk we mentioned earlier and especially helps in using the corner traps in places like mailboxes, drawers, cabinets, pantries and countertops.

Image of the sticky trap for corners in a mailbox corner!

<img src="stickytraps.jpg" alt="sticky trap in a mailbox corner cathing pests">  @stickytraps #gluetraps

Experiment with sticky traps and order your own without the expensive use of a pest control professional. Instead, when on a budget or unsure of how much money it will cost simply use a professional sticky trap like Happy Cornerz and even though they're designed for corners you can always toss them onto the floors like other glue traps and glue boards. Please don't actually use the Happy Cornerz traps in the manner previously listed since we list this method as a way we advise against so that users know exactly how useful our sticky trap is and why it's safer when used appropriately.

How Safe Are Sticky Traps?

The safety of a sticky trap depends on which trap you use and how you use it.

Use Happy Cornerz and you're well on your way to applying what you've learned today and capturing annoying pests with the best of the best DIY pest control solutions.

Thanks again,

- Happy Team @ Happy Cornerz, LLC

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