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Happy Cornerz Terms of Service and Liability

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     Happy Cornerz, LLC represents a fully patented product and a double-registered trademark for the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect (Pest) Trap Brand for Pest-Control directly relating to glue boards and sticky traps. Happy Cornerz, LLC functions as a limited liability company in State of Texas based on Texas laws and regulations for business activities based on the class (type) of goods and services offered by Happy Cornerz, LLC.

     "Serving All Four Corners of The World" is a slogan crafted, used and claimed by Happy Cornerz, LLC for the purpose of representing our branded product related directly to corners, and the global reach in terms of usability our product has to offer consumers. Our primary business is found online at and we have a principle head quarters location visible on google maps of 1625 Lamar Ave. Suite A, Paris, TX, 75460.

     Our product is primarily used as a monitoring device and secondarily promoted as an effective pest trapping (eliminating) device which encompasses a sticky substance on a single side of the product in order to trap pests such as mice, ants, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, crickets, centipedes and other types of insects, bugs an unwanted pests.


     Happy Cornerz, LLC markets the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps for sale but does not manufacture the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps. We do not warrant 100% effectiveness of mounting in all temperatures as certain climate temperatures may affect the sticky putty mounting tabs which are included with the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Trap for safe mounting into corners. Happy Cornerz, LLC does not gurantee that pests will be caught but that the trap will catch pests that enter the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps out of the likelihood that pests will travel to corners and seek shelter, habitat and a place to hide in the dark which leads to pests possibly entering the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps and becoming stuck (trapped) and thereby captured. Happy Cornerz, LLC will claim the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Trap device as a safer device based on the design and intended usage of the glue trap device as long as instructions and guidelines of how-to prompts are followed effectively. Happy Cornerz, LLC will claim that the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps are effective as monitoring stations for monitoring the pests within an environment. Happy Cornerz, LLC permits users to use the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps in corners outdoors that are suitable for the traps intended use such as certain eves near the tops of doors where there are corners or in the back of mailbox corners at the persons (users) personal discretion. Below are our current topics on safe handling and proper instructional usage of the Corner Insect Trap, Happy Cornerz, sold, but not manufactured by Happy Cornerz, LLC.

  • Safer Glue Traps Designed for Corners:

     Happy Cornerz is designed to be safer, more effective, and most versatile pest control trap for environments. It's creatively stylish for an incognito effect. It's the world's only sticky trap for monitoring corners low or high; in lower corners or upper corners. The Happy Cornerz traps must be used properly and any direct misuse or mishandling is hereby discussed as improper and against the intended use of Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps under Happy Cornerz, LLC.

     Knowingly Misusing or Harmful Intent is Prohibited by Happy Cornerz, LLC

     Do not play with the glue traps as a toy or with any harmful intent; this is not how we advise using Happy Cornerz Glue Traps; in comparison to the safe intent and instructions of how to use our Corner Insect Traps. Do not taste, or eat or bite on the glue traps or allows any children without adult supervision to even handle these or any glue traps for safe practices to prevent harm or misuse of Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps. It is the users choice to lay the Happy Cornerz Glue Trap flat like an ordinary glue board, but this is not recommended as for the fact that the Happy Cornerz' Corner Insect Trap was designed and patented for use in corners with the glue-side facing the corners and the clean / design-side surface side facing the environment of people and / or pets.

     Users of the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps may apply the traps to a corner that they locate within their home (living) or business environment. The Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Trap is a 2-dimensional trap which forms a 3-dimensional space when applied (mounted) properly and securely to a corner high or low within any given environment for the purpose of capturing unwanted pests.

     How To Use:

1.   Peel the protective sheet from the backside of the trap.

2.   Mount sticky side of trap (using the sticky-putty-tabs-side) to secure Happy Cornerz® Trap flush in a corner with the clean design-side facing you and the glue-side facing the corner.

3.   Press each tip firmly against the surface of 3 edges so the trap is securely held in place by the sticky putty tabs to begin catching and monitoring pests.

     The glue side of the trap should be facing away from the person (user) so that the clean / design side of the 2-dimensional glue trap is facing the person (user) of Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps.

     Where To Use:

1.   Place in ANY corner, Low or High, be creative because corners are everywhere and research proves that roaches, spiders, mice and other pests love hiding and traveling to the corners.

2.   Use in corners of living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, in cabinets, closets, even outside under the eaves of your home and even in the back corners of your mailbox to catch spiders, ants or wasps. It can lay flat but it’s designed to fit snug in corners!

    General ideas for using Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps: Bring Happy Cornerz Glue Traps with you when you travel to hotels, on boats, to a new home or business office and you can even enjoy giving them away as helpful gifts!


    Forewarning and Warranty Against Glue Damage:

The design of Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps are not meant to harm wall paper or paint. However, due to common neglect or misuse of products we advise against placing the Happy Cornerz Glue Trap into a corner without the proper sticky mounting putty in accordance to the proper instructions. Happy Cornerz, LLC does not warranty that slight adhesive marks will not be left behind from time to time due to the glue trap being pressed to hard onto the surface without prior caution to the correct application of Happy Cornerz Corner insect Traps. Happy Cornerz, LLC has not witnessed or received any reports or bad reviews based on any of these things happening. Therefore, in tandem with proper guidelines and public forewarning we are respectfully disclaiming the fault or responsibility of most future damages (related to these) such as these whereas the person (user) is incidentally or purposely misusing the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps to cause them to function improperly or cause  a negative outcome which is preventable through proper use of the glue traps. 


     Thank you for reading our guidelines and how-to instructions for proper usage of the Happy Cornerz Corner Insect Traps by Happy Cornerz, LLC. Contact us for any other questions or needs @

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