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Get rid of roaches. Monitor roach infestations, catch mice, kill bed bugs, trap ants and catch spiders with our new sticky trap / glue trap for pests. The #1 pest control trap for bugs are the Happy Cornerz sticky traps for mounting to low and high corners. Learn how to rid pests today! Use other solutions plus our Happy Cornerz traps and we're happy to say you're well on your way to controlling and removing pests in your home and business.#RoachTrap

Sticky Glue Traps | New Info: Happy Cornerz for Pests

Info: Glue trap for pests:

It's a glue trap in an upper corner!

Glue Traps, Glue, Boards, In Upper Corners | Happy Cornerz Sticky Traps

A glue trap in an upper corner? You're probably thinking glue traps only belong on floors or shelves, right? Common glue boards and boxes for trapping insects are for floors and laying flat while this new sticky trap mounts in corners to catch mice; roaches; spiders; bed bugs and more! As you'll happily learn today here at our Happy Cornerz Blog we provide you with the one and only patented "technology" you could say, allowing you to have a new option is sticky traps!

It's commonly known, glue boards can be a pain and glue traps in general are all pretty much the same. Let's have a fresh look here at something absolutely worth your money. In the image above you'll see an equilateral triangle mounted flush into an upper corner. The reason for this is spectacular!

In that very corner the store owner noticed spiders hanging out and every time they'd brush the spiders away new spiders would eventually reform their webs there. Now that's a nuisance and a persistent problem! Now you know, for one of many pesky pest reasons why the corner trap was invented allowing users to catch spiders like this lingering in upper corners which happens in homes and businesses all across the world. I'm sure you've seen it!

People aren't surprised to see spiders, roaches, wasps, moths, ants or even bedbugs in upper corners of rooms, closets and other places, but what surprises them is seeing a solution for the problem!

Talk about wowing news when you're in a Museum and moths are hiding in upper corners only long enough to then flutter across the room and damage rare and expensive art throughout the exhibit. It's a super hero solution for many business owners and as you may have guessed, it doubles as a fake security camera!

hence... Security Alert!

After inventing the perfect solution for pests in corners both high and low we wanted to take it to the next level and so we re-patented our trap with the ability to add designs to the triangle for aesthetically pleasing purposes.

By doing this we unleashed our creative thinking towards countless designs (including custom designs) which is when we created the "Security Alert" theme as a way of warding off potential thieves and threats in businesses or even homes at first glance! When you notice the center hole (with the appearance of a lense) and then see "Security Alert" written on an unknown object in an upper corner you normally think twice about doing something bad! We love it because our consumers love it too!

Gas stations and Dollar Stores acquire our traps to monitor pests and for fake security system purposes since the average burgular won't know if there's actually a camera hiden behind the trap or not when it's all very possible. Have fun knowing you can get rid of roaches, or catch ants, wasps, fleas, krickets, spiders and more in almost any corner high and low with the corner trap! You can't get that with the normal glue board...

+ With Our Pest Control Trap You Can Do It In Style!

Glue boards and sticky traps don't have to be boring so let us give you a glue trap that'll make you happy in any corner of the world you're from! We literally serve all four corners of the world! Since bugs, insects and pests are practically everywhere it's a good thing we can help you wherever you're at!

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Have fun and live bug free!

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Share the innovation, like our blogs and follow us to see what we'll offer next + it's just good to be a part of something great! :)

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