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Get rid of roaches. Monitor roach infestations, catch mice, kill bed bugs, trap ants and catch spiders with our new sticky trap / glue trap for pests. The #1 pest control trap for bugs are the Happy Cornerz sticky traps for mounting to low and high corners. Learn how to rid pests today! Use other solutions plus our Happy Cornerz traps and we're happy to say you're well on your way to controlling and removing pests in your home and business.#RoachTrap

What Are Sticky Traps? Info: Roaches; Spiders; Mice

What are sticky traps? Pest Control Info and Solutions:

sticky traps; roach traps; mouse traps; glue traps; Happy Conerz

How is the 5 In 1 Pest Trap - Sticky Glue Traps Product more useful when it comes to capturing pests, catching insects and rodents and different from other sticky traps and glue boards?

Let's review the following points to learn the benefits:

  • What are sticky traps?

  • What is a yellow sticky trap versus a glue box, glue board or regular white glue sticky trap for pest control purposes?

  • How long do sticky traps last?

  • What brands of glue traps are there?

  • What types of pests do sticky traps control?

Sticky traps are adhesive-glue based products with a structure made of a durable paperboard material and allow are generally designed in shapes such as flat glue boards or boxes.

Many of these trapping systems for pests include poisons to help kill the roaches, mice, ants, spiders or other bugs and rodents when they become stuck on the sticky glue surface.

When pests are tempted to enter or walk across a glue trap they become stuck and unable to escape easily providing the user with a benefit of capturing the luring pests in unwanted areas indoors.

A yellow sticky trap is designed for luring flies, wasps and other critters of the like in order to attract them to the glue boards sticky substance.

A glue box contains the sticky substance in order for pests to want to enter a cozy environment and become trapped in either a single-sticky-sided box or a multi-sticky-sided box. These are used along floors and walls and near corners of rooms and cabinets where pests tend to congregate and travel.

A glue board simply works in the same manner of capturing pests except that they don’t have the box surrounding their glue substance which makes them fully exposed to the environment. These are known to be dangerous due to animals, pets and unwanted critters getting stuck to the traps.

Fortunately, room temperature cooking oil slowly drizzled onto the trap will free any living thing that is stuck if you wish!

Generally a sticky trap will last several months or at least until it gets filled up with roaches, or traps enough mice or spiders that you must change the trap out. Click here to read about the Happy Cornerz Sticky Traps and what makes them different from all other traps.

Note: You’ll want to properly dispose of the trap by placing the traps into a zip lock baggy and throwing them into the trash.

A responsible monitoring system for pests is one which doesn’t include harmful chemicals, toxins or side effects when trying to exterminate pests from your home or business.

There are many good brands of glue traps but the most commonly known are Catchmaster™, TomCat™, Orkin™ and Trapper Max™ glue boards. However, the 5 In 1 Glue Trap™ is an excellent option is you are looking for a glue trap product that is university tested and proven to be more advanced at catching more pests in more places.

sticky traps; roach traps; mouse traps; glue traps; Happy Conerz

However, now there is a trap that has been invented that is rising to the top of the ranks in terms by the brand name of Happy Cornerz™.

All of these brands and trap types can assist people in controlling pests such as mice (most sizes of a mouse), ants, roaches, spiders, wasps, bed bugs, centipedes, flies and much more.

In conclusion, we wrap up this informative blog with the hot new brand of sticky traps that is both very different and better for as described below:

Happy Cornerz™ Sticky Traps (Glue Traps) are recognized as the world’s only fully patented design of pest control trap that works for you in the corners!

Happy Cornerz™ are designed as an equilateral triangle as you’ll notice in the images of this blog or if you type in Happy Cornerz in Google and search for images. You’ll be surprised to acknowledge the difference right away!

In terms of effectiveness there are no other sticky traps that can be applied to corners high and low of your choice and need to catch lingering spiders, a cluster of roaches or curious mice.

Happy Cornerz™ Traps are designed to be safer because of the way they blend with wall surfaces that they are connected with when aligned perfectly into a corner. With both beautiful and neutral colors (designs) these traps will either disappear or look awesome in your home or business.

Happy Cornerz™ is the brand of trap you want because pests and insects are proven to desire hiding in corners. Spiders and roaches use corners as their home and mice and ants enjoy following edges which lead to corners.

Corners allow critters to feel protected from their environment because they’re the furthest point away from everything else. The pests enter into a center hole of the 2D (non-box styled) Happy Cornerz™ Trap and become stuck on the neat glue design on the backside of the colorful front of trap.

The removal and disposal directions are the same and you’ll enjoy getting rid of roaches and others pests with Happy Cornerz Traps because now you’ll stop more pests because of having a new option to target them at a key (area) source.

We certainly appreciate you exploring your options and learning about sticky traps in this blog. Please share and help us reach others who are looking for similar answers and solutions.

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trap results: sticky traps; roach traps; mouse traps; glue traps; Happy Conerz

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