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Get rid of roaches. Monitor roach infestations, catch mice, kill bed bugs, trap ants and catch spiders with our new sticky trap / glue trap for pests. The #1 pest control trap for bugs are the Happy Cornerz sticky traps for mounting to low and high corners. Learn how to rid pests today! Use other solutions plus our Happy Cornerz traps and we're happy to say you're well on your way to controlling and removing pests in your home and business.#RoachTrap

The Last Sticky Glue Trap You Will Ever Need; Happy Cornerz Sticky Traps: Info

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Do you want the last glue trap for pests that you/ll ever need?

The 5 In 1 Pest Trap is the solution to master catching insects and pests by using glue boards.

These glue traps are designed to fit into corners, mount to walls, hang upside down and much more.

Have you ever noticed a spider in the upper corner of a room or roaches crawling on the walls or ceiling?

People from all around the world have noticed spiders; roaches; mice; wasps; bed bugs; flies and other pests (insects, bugs or rodents) hiding in the corners of their home or business.

It's when you're not even looking that they enter a corner and then keep moving along.

What can you do about it is no longer a question; it's what will you do about it?

The 5 In 1 Glue Traps are made for you so you don't have to worry about pests bothering you in your home or business as you can monitor for them and have Happy Cornerz on guard as you live your daily life and let these pest control traps do their job too!

Like many glue traps there is a pheromone attractant that helps lure spiders and roaches to the trap and mice love the design because it looks like the entry to the perfect mouse (home) hole.

On the front side you'll notice either a cool design that blends with their interior of your dwelling or a neutral color to sooth the tone of any indoor environment whilst there is a non-toxic sticky substance located on the back of the trap.

These traps are twice as safe as common glue boards that target combating roaches or mice or spiders because they offer no exposure to children (people, or pets and animals. The glue adhesive for capturing pests remain on the backside of the trap.

If you're afraid of mice getting stuck on the trap and don't wish for that to occur then simply use the traps for there great purpose of ridding pests that have invaded your home or business and then use room temperature cooking oil to free the mouse from the trap. It's very simple; just pour the oil lightly and slowly around the mouse and the mouse will wiggle free on its own; same with lizards or other critters!

Get rid of roaches with this new sticky trap. Catch mice and count on only one pest control business for your immediate pest eradication protocol needs. We want to know that our product helps you like it has everyone else and that you would be happy to tell someone else about it.

The best way to know is by trying it. Order now at and get a package of these traps shipped to your door so you can catch any unwanted pests creeping around and ship them to the trash can!

Thanks for viewing and simply click the images to travel to our pest control web page where you'll have instant access to the world of Happy Cornerz were we aim to literally serve all four corners of the world - pun intended. :)

Twitter / Tweet us @stickytraps and help us share this unique invention for eliminating pests so that others can happily benefit too!

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